Friday, January 16, 2009

So my son had this idea that he wanted to pull his tooth in some manner that would be funny so we could video him & get his cute lil' mug on America's Funniest Videos. Well - go figure - he succeeded! He is going to be on AFV on Sunday Jan. 18th. I haven't told my little man that he will be on there yet - well I am not going to. I am going to let him just 'catch' himself on there! I can picture him breaking out in a victory dance! I am going to have the camera on him to catch this exciting moment for him - but since the camera will be ready he will probley just laugh!

I was thinking about the funny things that my kids have done growing up - since I have 5 kids I have a lot of memories. My oldest daughter - dingy as can possibly be. And thinking back I guess she always has been but it gets worse as she gets older. Just a couple of weeks ago she brought me a surprise home - 'Mom Mom - I was at Wal-Mart & I got you something!!!!' She is pretty sweet about giving me little gifts so I was kind of excited. 'Well what is it???'
I am thinking this was just a few days after Christmas - maybe the day after. 'They were giving away Christmas trees so I got you one.' I had my very first real tree this year & I can promise you I will never do that again! UGH! So - she (I thought) knew I was done with the real thing. BUT - she had brought me a REAL tree for next year. 'Um honey - have you not seen the extremely dead tree I have in the house now that is decorated & I have only had for less than 2 months??? How are we to keep one for an entire year?' As serious as she could be - ' We just put in the ground & cut it down next year when we are ready'

Having 5 kids these days is not something you see often - & it is hard - never enough money - never enough time in the day - God knows there is never enough food - we can buy $600 worth or $300 worth a week & I can promise you it is all gone by the middle of the week. Y'know - if it is there they might as well have one of everything - right? But I wouldn't give it up for anything! NOTHING! The only thing I would change is I would have a farm (which I would love anyway - stinky cows instead of dealing with people - oh hell yea!) & we would grow & raise all of our own food!

Well - more of my babbling later - work calls -

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